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Executive Consulting #

We provide advice, support, and guidance to your management team with the goal of improving internal capabilities and eliminating the need for external consulting. The specifics of engagements vary greatly depending on the needs of each client but we strive to avoid open-ended agreements, instead focusing on clearly scoping the desired outcomes and time limited engagements.

Operations Consulting #

We use a systems thinking approach to analyze existing business processes, approaches, and solutions to determine areas in which improvement can be made. This requires analysis of the organization’s strategy and long term objectives to ensure that hypotheses are tested against the desired end state and deliver real value.

Information Technology Services #

Our team excels at developing innovative solutions leveraging emerging technology platforms and approaches. Experience with hardware and all aspects of custom software development ensure the solutions provided contemplate multiple possible approaches and rationale is provided regarding the optimal solution. Engagements often include studying and analyzing systems needs; input into systems development; systems process analysis, design, and re-engineering; feasibility studies; developing requests for proposals; evaluating vendor products and making recommendations on selection.

Contact #

For further discussion, contact