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Glimpses of the Future #

Sometimes we experience moments in which we pierce the veil of our current reality and we can suddenly see a potential future path. I had one of those moments but admit that imagining the future is extremely challenging. Every potential future exists at odds with all other possible paths. When we choose a future, we are destroying numerous other potential paths and the more we focus on a long term goal, the more closed off we become to other increasingly divergent paths which could be a potential.

I am pondering this as I am excited to explore another new idea and yet another potential path. Beginnings and starting things are always incredible but sustaining that momentum through adversity is an ongoing challenge for me. I get easily distracted and move on to other projects, especially since I remain fairly detached from all my projects. No matter how enamored I am with a project or idea, there remains a willingness to kill it and start over when presented with a better alternative. To that end, I have sought to take a more holistic approach to pursuits so that the structure remains consistent even as the winds of change blow and projects rise and fall.

To this end, I have started consolidating all my ideas under Drop Pod as a long term approach to building a scalable solution that will let me tackle many of the challenges that I see in the world. During my 20’s, I spent a significant amount of time apologizing for being smart and successful - but that era has come to an end. I am proud of who I am and the fact that I think differently than most people. My neurodivergent mindset has been an asset to me in business and I want to expand my success to others so that we can use our collective influence towards improving society and hopefully make the world a better place.

“I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another person, nor ask another person to live for mine.”

I believe intensely in the importance of independence and the ability to shape our own destiny. Humans also naturally seek to live in communities but our modern society applies pressure against what is natural in order to maximize profit. I often fantasize about just building a small shack in the woods and leaving everything behind but don’t believe this is the answer because while I love solitude, too much of anything isn’t healthy. Instead, I think it is possible to clearly communicate covenants, build an intentional community, and establish a clan of amazing humans.

There will be homework assignments!

~ Bennett