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Bio - Bennett Gebken

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Personal Biography #

You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen. – Michelle Obama

Bennett grew up in the Pacific Northwest and enlisted in the Marine Corps. After serving in the infantry and doing two combat tours to Afghanistan, made a fairly difficult transition to civilian life. He then entered civil service and worked in various roles, most notably being appointed as a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow. Throughout his career, he repeatedly found ways to innovate and improve business processes and how tech is used to serve the American public.

Key accomplishments include developing and implementing an artificial intelligence prototype, creating business intelligence solutions, legislation implementation, and implementing intelligent automation to improve benefits delivery. Bennett’s expertise is in artificial intelligence and other emerging technology combined with experience in federal acquisitions and has resulted in successfully delivering significant change within government agencies. Across all his projects, he estimates having saved the government at least $100 million dollars cumulatively.

Throughout his career, he has become increasingly concerned with social justice and his current working hypothesis is that large corporations pose the greatest threat to humanity’s pursuit of happiness. To that end, he has devoted more and more of his time to trying to innovate on capitalism to improve the model and increase equity while retaining the core value of free markets.

Hobbies include Hiking, Running, Philosophy, Poetry, Minimalism / Tiny Living, Music, Chess, Reading, Podcasts, Video games, Board games, History, Cooking