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Drop Pod

Our mission is to ethically engage in business in a sustainable manner which supports every human’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Organizations are a human construct and will grow and evolve over time however this growth can either be positive or negative. We believe it is possible to align incentives and use tenets and processes to steer our direction to a positive direction. A strong foundation is necessary to accomplish this, since many organizations start off in a positive direction and lose their way over time.

This is a human-centric organization and we are only as strong as the people who comprise the organization. We are trying to seek out talented individuals and incorporate as many diverse backgrounds as possible because diversity breeds resilience and the goal is to create unique chapters within our organization which naturally grow, split, shrink, or die.

This isn’t an organization for everyone - we recognize that many people’s values won’t align with ours but we believe there is a place here for everyone interested in living a virtuous life. The organization’s core tenets establish the broad left and right limits so as long as chapters operate within these, they are free to experiment, explore models, and even openly contradict each other.

Each chapter is encouraged to differentiate from each other and exclude people based on lack of shared core values. The chapter should never compromise on values in order to include more people. As long as they are sustainable, they should hold firm to their values. For example, if you develop a hyper-specific set of membership requirements and only a few people on the planet are even eligible, as long as you can recruit enough of them to operate in a sustainable manner, it is a success.

Once you stop learning, you start dying