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Drop Pod

Drop Pod is a boutique technology services firm focused on digital strategy, business process improvement, and custom software development.

Inspired by Cap Troopers of sci-fi, we drop into environments to quickly stabilize and achieve results. Eschewing many normalized practices, we encourage neurodivergent thinking and boldly experiment to find out what will come next.

While admittedly there are thousands of companies who do similar work, we are formed as a benefit corporation and use an egalitarian approach to organizing which significantly reduces overhead costs, resulting in higher quality talent at very competitive rates. Our goal is to pioneer a highly disruptive approach which incentivizes the team to remain mission focused over time.

Our model is extensible so we are interested in co-founders but also happy to keep people in the loop who might be interested in joining in the future. We seek to continue experimenting, optimizing, and evolving because “Once you stop learning, you start dying”.